SUS6 - Stats Under the Stars - 2023

Stats Under the Stars (SUS) is a hackathon for young Data Scientists, where the teams have a full night to compete in the analysis of a real-world analytics problem. This year, SUS6 (Faculty of Economics "Giorgio Fuà", Ancona, 20-21 June 2023) is organized by the Università Politecnica Marche - Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Sociali in collaboration with Young SIS (y-SIS,
It is a satellite event of the SIS2023 conference (Ancona, 21-23 June 2023).
The event is endorsed by the Italian Statistical Society (SIS) and is sponsored by: FlowTraders, SAS, Bee-Viva.

SUS6 is the sixth edition of the event Stats Under the Stars. For information regarding the past editions, you can have a look at The main goal of the competition is to develop analytic solutions that can accurately solve a real-world problem using all available exogenous and endogenous information. All teams are assigned the same business problem and the same dataset.
Cooperation is allowed, but not encouraged if you want to be the winning team. Both the response and the predictors are made available for a subset of the data (training set), whereas only the predictors are available for the remaining part (test set).

This year, the main-sponsor Flow-Traders is offering a financial-themed challenge. The teams are asked to develop an appropriate analytic strategy on a training set and apply it to maximize their profit on a test set.
Each team can submit its strategy at any time during the competition through the Bee-Viva platform. The platform evaluates the performances online on a temporary test set and provides a provisional leaderboard.
By the end of the night, the teams must also submit a concise but accurate report of the techniques and methods used to reach their final results.
Which team, and how, will maximize its profit? Join us if you want to find out!

The competition will elect three winners:
  1. Best project overall (first prize - € 1.000 + fast track into the recruitment process for Flow Traders Quant Researcher)
  2. Best objective prediction (second prize - € 500 + SAS course)
  3. Best quality of the report (third prize - € 500)

All team members must own a University/Institutional e-mail address certifying their student status.
The team-leader must enroll the team using its own institutional e-mail address when compiling the registration form. He must also enter the institutional e-mail addresses of all team members in a specific section of the form.

Unfortunately, the spots for participation in SUS6 are sold out. The team will be placed on a waiting list, and if a spot becomes available, you will be contacted.

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